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Seth Smith Profile

Seth Smith , OF, Colorado Rockies

If you're looking for a good, low risk prospect who is flying below the radar, here's your man. Seth Smith is a big, 24 year old, lefty-hitting corner outfielder who has done little other than hit since he was taken in the second round in 2004. He was a steal.

As a prospect watcher, I'm contractually obligated to mention that Smith was Eli Manning's backup at Ole Miss, echoing Todd Helton's stint as Peyton Manning's backup at Tennessee. His football background is easy to see in his above average athleticism and solid build (6'3", 215 lbs).

There's a lot there to like. He didn't show a ton of over-the-fence power, which is consistent with his '05, where he hit 45 doubles and 9 home runs in 533 AB. Someday he might start pushing some of those line drives over the fence. The walk rate isn't eye-popping, but it's healthy. Not too many strikeouts. The only two things I'm really going to hold against him is A) he was a little old for the league as he was 23 during the season, and B) he only managed a .378 slugging percentage against southpaws. Neither of those things is a deal-breaker though. Even if the home runs don't come and he doesn't mash lefties the same way he does righties, he still has a chance to become Jason Michaels. There's plenty of value in that. Brad Hawpe might be another good comp.

In a nutshell he's solid, not spectacular.