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Quick Link Roundup

We'll be back tomorrow with more team reviews, but for now, I wanted to link to a few items. I hosted my first chat over at Baseball Prospectus on Friday, and I had a great time doing so. The chat was a hair over four hours long, and I answered upwards of 175 questions. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, and for those of you who stuck around for a few hours.

I also had my player profile run a few days later than normal because of all the playoff analysis up at BP. This week I took a look at Robinson Cano, who has been incredibly lucky this year. I won't be posting a followup to the Cano piece here, because I was able to work some hit charts into the original piece.

Two of the top three teams in the current poll, "Who Will Win the 2006 World Series?" have been knocked out of the playoffs. The Tigers, on the other hand, received a single vote. I'll reset the poll once the Cardinals/Padres series finishes up.

Tomorrow we'll be running the Orioles team review, which I'll be putting together. It's certainly not as entertaining as the guest reviews we've had so far, but it should suffice.