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I apologize for not getting around to posting today...I ended up having 4 hours of classes plus 2 hours of studying plus a math placement test to get out of my math class and change my schedule. I also had to drive like 30 extra miles to get a receipt and return my books, which turned into an adventure on its own. Let's just say it is a good thing I work at Waldenbooks (owned by Borders), because I might have to destroy any Barnes & Noble employees I meet (unless you are a reader of mine, then you are safe my friends). Tomorrow I will finally get to that article on a team possibly scoring 1,000 runs. My plan? To showcase a few teams with high powered offenses who only need one or two pieces this offseason to turn them into possible 1,000 run machines. Obviously the Red Sox and Yankees are in the mix, and I have a few others in mind. Once again, apologies via the day from one of those less torturous circles of Hell that Dante Alighieri and Virgil visited one day long ago.