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Shealy to Sit

Ryan Shealy has performed pretty well in his time this year with the Colorado Rockies. Its a shame he'll have to sit once Todd Helton comes back from the DL, because the Rockies could really use his bat in the lineup. Check out this chart to see what I mean:

Shealy is second on the team in Net Runs Above Average (and the team is obviously in need of just positive performers, nevermind someone rating as high as Shealy). The sample size is small for Shealy, but it comes from two different stints on the big league club. His home/road splits are quality as well; he hits like a monster in Coors but still hits well on the road.

Home: .387/.441/.516
Away: .286/.362/.476
Total: .329/.395/.493

These splits are still pretty good numbers, unlike when you break apart Vinny Castilla's splits or you take a look at Clint Barmes this year (.390/.432/.650 at home; .255/.296/.353 on the road). His minor league numbers are also impressive:

Colorado Springs
AB: 320
HR: 20
2B: 24
BB: 24
SB: 4/4
SecAvg: .262
Iso: .275

It is not just because he is playing at altitude that he can hit; his career minor league numbers prior to 2005: .323/.426/.592, with 84 doubles and 62 homeruns in 1041 AB. John Sickel's ranked Shealy a B and said he is as good with the bat as "more heralded Texas League hitters like Carlos Quentin and Conor Jackson." His problem is just defense, but he seems to be doing fine at the major league level defensively so far. He is a very large player (6'4", 240 lbs.) but maybe the Rox should try to fit him in the outfield anyways, or trade him for a hitter at a position they need. He is already 25, so the clock is ticking. A team like the Red Sox could use him (although I don't think the Rockies are too keen on dealing with the Sox anytime soon; Shoppach for Shealy anyone?) and the Mets are always looking for first base help it seems. It is too bad Helton's first DL stint coincided with the trade deadline this year, or else Shealy would be mashing somewhere in the league on a daily basis.