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Net Runs Above Average Top 50

I reworked the spreadsheets some to update the top 100 or so, and got the top 50 players according to Net Runs Above Average. Check out the table:

Be mindful of sample size with this, but notice that Jeff Francouer, John Rodriguez, Chip Ambres, and Chris Duffy have all made it into the top half of this list. Francouer is going at a blistering pace at the plate (with no plate patience, or atleast walking ability whatsoever so far) and has passed Derrek Lee for the lead. I'm sure the Braves are excited Francouer is succeeding so much at age 21; watch him if you get a chance and tell me anything you see about him that strikes you.

Notice how much closer Derrek Lee is to Albert Pujols this time in MLV. At the all-star break they were what seemed like miles apart, and now Pujols (like Rob Neyer predicted he would) has essentially the same stats as Derrek Lee now.

If someone could let Adam Dunn play first base all day rather than the outfield, he'd be in the top 10-12 in NRAA rather than 21st overall.

Dan Johnson and Chris Shelton both came up at some point well after opening day, and both are tearing their respective leagues to pieces out of the gate. Dan Johnson is directly behind Vlad Guerrero in these rankings to give you some perspective, and Shelton is in front of Andruw Jones and behind Todd Helton. Not bad places to be for sure.

Regular article posting will resume tomorrow. I have to work 40 hours this week though, so I apologize in advance if anything ends up being brief. I should have a new job within a week or two that will give me the mornings to write, since I'll work afternoons.