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Open Thread

I have to work today (disapointing) so I'm leaving an open thread up. Tomorrow I think I will be updating the Net Runs Above Average spreadsheet, and I will have it available for download somehow. I want to get every single player on it if I can, but some of the rookies do not have Davenport Translation cards yet (the source for Rate2, the defensive portion of the formula). So any players who are missing are most likely rookies who do not have the playing time of guys like Dan Johnson and Wilson Betemit yet.

Any advice on a digital voice recorder I should purchase for player interviews? I don't need it to do backflips and play catch, but I want it to hook up to my PC so I can transfer the sound files. I'm trying to get a Jon Papelbon interview for the end of August sometime, so I need to get one soon so I don't have to use a tape recorder again.

Thoughts on Palmeiro should be the subject of the open thread, but feel free to divert from said course.