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Trade Deadline Analysis

Kyle Farnsworth was traded to the Braves for Roman Colon and Zach Miner from what I've seen. Farnsworth probably won't take the closer's spot from Chris Reitsma, but it should be fun for opposing teams trying to get through both of them now.

Few homeruns allowed, Reitsma doesn't walk people, and Farnsworth strikes everyone out. I'm sure the Nats are fuming at this now since its already an uphill battle for them.

This is a case of trading pitchers who will serve more purpose for the Tigers than for the Braves, as they will be needed in the future, whereas the Braves just need to patch little holes a simple Farnsworth (as long as it isn't Jeff anyways) will readily repair to keep their divisional streak intact. Of course, adding a flamethrower like Farnsworth should help their chances in the playoffs greatly, something the Tigers most likely will not be seeing this year.

Ron Villone to the Marlins for Yorman Bazardo and Mike Flannery. Brian Moehler's "resurgence" is starting to head in the other direction, so this is a case of the Marlins patching up the rotation with someone who could do a good job of not sucking.

I think this is a good trade for the Mariners and the Marlins. The Marlins get what they need to help them in 2005, while the Mariners continue to build for the future, when Felix is King.

Buddy Groom was traded to the D'backs for a Player to Be Named Later. Not much of a deal here.

If Groom was not so invaluable a commodity, I'd agree with him more on his tirade.

Matt Lawton for Jody Gerut is one of the more interesting trades of the day. Lawton has a very good Net Runs Above Average score, and should be a huge boost to the Cubs. Unless of course, he takes too much playing time away from Matt Murton, then the effects will not be noticed as much.

Having to give up Jody Gerut, who was not really playing, in order to receive Matt Lawton, who is obviously a huge boost (over 162 games he is estimated to have roughly 42 NRAA, which is one of the better scores in the league) is quite a steal for the Cubs. Its not Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton for the stretch drive, but its big for 2005.

That is it for your 2005 deadline as of 5:20 PM Eastern time. If anything else comes through for "paperwork" issues, although I don't believe it will this late, shoot me an e-mail.