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Geoff Blum to the Pale Hose

Geoff Blum was shipped to the White Sox to back up Joe Crede. Is it just me or do the Padres account for 50% of the trade deadline week deals?

Nothing impressive, but atleast he is not embarassing himself this year.

Friend of Beyond the Boxscore Dan McAvoy theorizes that:

Hmm. Not that this would necessarily be a good thing, but that might indicate that Joe Crede would be part of the package...

Meaning in the package for Aubrey Huff to the Devil Rays from the White Sox.

Let's take a look at the player the Padres received, Ryan Meaux.

Meaux (26 years old)
ERA: 2.96
RA: 3.63
IP: 67.0
K/9: 8.60
K/PA: .221
BB/9: 2.42
H/9: 10.34
HR/9: .269
BABIP: .354

If he was not 26 years old, turning 27 before the playoffs are over, I would be impressed. Of course, like I said with Mateo, this is the kind of pitcher who eventually ends up in a bullpen role and could flourish. Only time will tell, and it is always nice to give this type of guy a shot. Again, throw him into Triple-A or the majors immediately and see what comes of it.

Update [2005-7-31 15:40:53 by Marc Normandin]: Soriano update that doesn't deserve its own post: Soriano Staying Put