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Olivo for Ojeda

The Mariners sent Miguel Olivo to the Padres for Miguel Ojeda and minor league pitcher Nate Mateo.

Olivo is not that helpful as a catcher until he can begin to hit like he did in Chicago in half a season last year (.270/.316/.496 in 46 games). What he is hitting now (.151/.173/.276) with below average defense is not exactly going to make the Padres jump for joy. Then again, they did upgrade over Miguel Ojeda (.137/.232/.205). I think...

I can't find a scouting report on Mateo, but from the numbers I see here there does not seem to be anything wrong with him besides his age (he will be turning 26 at the end of the year, old for Double-A). Average strikeout rates, not too many walks, and doesn't give up many homeruns

Let's check out his stats last year, from Lake Elsinore:

This is a pitcher who needs to go to Triple-A now so the Mariners can see if he will be useful in the immediate future. I like this pickup by the Mariners, because guys like this can always be tossed into bullpens and turn up surprisingly useful at some point. I'll be back with updates later.