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Nevin Finally Moved; Byrnes and Bigbie Swap

Two trades to report, and one I'm not so sure I wanted to happen. Phil Nevin was traded to the Rangers, who sent Chan Ho Park to the Padres. Nevin's limited no-trade clause did not keep him from moving on to Texas, but he seems excited from what I've seen. And I'm sure Park is excited to be back in the NL pitching in the offense starved NL West in what could be the most extreme pitcher's park in the country. After all, his time in Chavez Ravine is what made the world a little more aware of park factors, eh? The Commissioner's Office still has to approve the deal because of the amount of money involved, but I do not see why Selig would nix it.

As recently as last year Nevin was a productive player (in Petco no less). Maybe things will turn around for him in Texas, but he leaves San Diego with a fork sticking out of his back in the eyes of some.

Park's only effective year as a starter since signing is this year. I only think it is effective because his BABIP is so high. Going to San Diego should help that, and he might turn out to be a decent (but expensive) fifth starter until Eaton is able to return from injury. Overally this could be a move that helps both teams, although not in great amounts. If Nevin is still capable of producing he does give the Rangers another option, although not an OBP machine, the thing they lack otuside Delluci.

Eric Byrnes was traded for Larry Bigbie. I'm embarassed for Rockies fans about this, and I'll tell you why. O'Dowd said he would only trade Byrnes if he was overwhelmed with an offer. I'm pretty sure I can just stop there. I understand Byrnes isn't a franchise savior or anything, but what was the point of this deal? Time would have been better spent forcing Ryan Shealy to learn outfield because its bats like his that will be needed to compete.

I get this deal for the Orioles. I don't understand this deal at all for the Rockies, unless their plan is to avoid paying Byrnes eventual arbitration money or pay for a new contract. That is the only thing that makes me understand this deal. They could have moved Holliday for Bigbie, and been better off, since Holliday and Bigbie are sort of the same animal. Just an odd trade in my eyes. I'll be back later today or tomorrow with any new trades.