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Bigbie Traded Again

Update [2005-7-30 15:49:18 by Marc Normandin]: Jayson Stark reports that the Red Sox owners vetoed this trade, and Kelly Shoppach looks to be on his way to Tampa Bay for Aubrey Huff now instead of Bigbie, along with another prospect. Could be packaged with Stern again, but interesting if they get Huff for the same price.

Larry Bigbie is now playing for the Boston Red Sox, traded for Adam Stern and Kelly Shoppach.

I don't have time to analyze this deal at the moment, so I hope Richard Wade or Dan Scotto is around to do so. Just thought I'd let everyone know if they had not seen it.

Apparently Bigbie was what O'Dowd wanted because he was easily tradeable. Now I'm just wondering if Boston is losing its mind, attempting to trade for A.J. Burnett, Aubrey Huff and Aaron Heilman while giving up Manny Ramirez, Hanley Ramirez and other prospects. I think the Dan Duquette Cyborg might be in full control, but I could be wrong.