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Open Thread

Not much to talk about today yet. All the trade rumors are hypothetical or have not even got off the ground at all yet, so use this as an open thread if you'd like/

One thing I did notice looking through some stat pages is the continued resurgence of Ken Griffey Jr.

I would have been happy with just his May numbers, but look at how he turned it up in June and then July. Griffey currently has some pretty good numbers:

This isn't 1998 by any means, but Griffey has certainly re-entered the realm of significant, and not just in the injury category. I am knocking on wood the entire time I'm typing this article up, hoping that Griffey can stay healthy for a whole season and bring back some current respectability to his career and legacy. This graph below shows Griffey's production according to Net Runs Above Average (when it is shown as just NRAA, you can assume it is in its per 100 game rate form).

We can see here that Griffey's production is essentially back to where it was when he first came to Cincy and led the team in VORP and MLV. The only difference now is that Adam Dunn is in town, so taking the top spot is not as simple as being Ken Griffey Jr. Luckily for Griffey, baseball seems to have become simple once again; I can only hope it stays that way for him. I've attached a poll for Griffey in the entry link. Be sure to vote!