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Wilson to the Nats

Preston Wilson was finally traded to the Nationals, which is something that I liked from the Rockies point of view for about 2 months now. Zach Day will be a useful part for the Rox, although I did not like the fact that they lost out on Joe Kennedy in the Byrnes deal (something else I advocated for Oakland back in the day). Let's take an excerpt as to why that would be a good move for Oakland:

As far as the A's receiving Joe Kennedy goes, let's take a look at some of his numbers:

Kennedy 2004
K/BB: 1.75
BABIP: .307
HR/9: .943

Kennedy 2005
K/BB: 1.15
BABIP: .368
HR/9: 1.30

A worse walk rate, a much higher BABIP, and an increased homerun rate have led to Kennedy's problems this season. Let's look at the Rox Defensive Efficiency for the past two years, and the A's current Defensive Efficiency:

Colorado 2004
.6809 (16th in NL)

Colorado 2005
.6655 (16th in NL)

Granted, both seasons they were in last. But check out the difference between those last place standings in the rankings; this year's squad is far, far worse.

Oakland 2005
.7032 (6th in AL)

A move to Oakland would help Kennedy in many respects; a lower homerun rate probably just by getting out of Coors, a chance to avoid the plague of high walk totals that seems to occur in Denver, and a chance to play in front of a capable defense.

Wilson to the Nats is something I don't really understand. I understand from Bowden's point of view, which is he felt he needs a real "cleanup hitter" to take over, in order to get guys like Wil Cordero out of that spot in the lineup. But in all honesty this does not do much for them. Once Ryan Church comes back from injury Wilson is going to be the least valuable outfielder they have. Here is a thought though; if the Nats are afraid of losing Nick Johnson's big bat for an extended period of time, then moving Wilkerson to first base, then there is a spot for Wilson in the lineup. Is he overpaid? Yes. Is he overrated? Yes again. Will he help the Nats due to their rash of injuries? Definitely. There is alot to be said for league average, and if he can pick his game back up a little to where it used to be now that he is out of Coors then it seems like a good move. Zach Day was not going to do much in Washington anyway after his problems with manager Frank Robinson, and opinion seems to be that J.J.
Davis is not much of a prize himself. Here is why Wilson was acquired:

Nick Johnson 2005
NRAA/G: +.464 (4th in MLB)
NRAA/162: +75.09 (4th in MLB)

Ryan Church 2005
NRAA/G: +.250
NRAA/162: +40.47

Those are two bats that are out of the lineup for the Nats. Wilson isn't going to give them that kind of production (he will be just slightly above league average if he plays left and his Rate2 goes up to 100, which is average) but he won't hurt them like Marlon Byrd's NRAA would, and they need all the help they can get with those two big hittes out of the picture for now. Kudos to Bowden for not standing still, although he never does. Kudos to him for getting a deal with a price tag on it approved without an owner actually.

As for Payton verse Byrnes, let's take a quick look:

Payton 2005
NRAA/G: -.037
NRAA/162: -6.04

Byrnes 2005
NRAA/G: +.084
NRAA/162: +13.64

A big difference, but considering they got Joe Kennedy out of it as well I would not fret too much about it. A good day for three teams, although for some reason I still feel like Colorado got hosed overall.