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I Mean C'mon!

I really can't get over the fan voting for the All-Star Game. It's pathetic. This is no more obvious than with the National League Shortstop voting. Look at this crap:

Nomar Garciaparra, 312,892
David Eckstein, 295,955
Rafael Furcal, 269,606
Cesar Izturis, 260,683
Clint Barmes, 257,818

Nomar freaking Garciaparra? He has one hit for extra bases. He has value below that of a replacement player. He has only played in 14 games this season. He's an All-Star? Bull. He's making Mario Mendoza look like an All-Star. The other picks are far more reasonable as you can see below.

Nomar Garciaparra, Chi Cubs
HR: 0
2B: 1
SB: 0/0
BB: 4
SecAvg: .098
Iso: .019
WARP1: -0.1
VORP: -4.6
EqA: .112

David Eckstein, St. Louis
HR: 2
2B: 8
SB: 4/8
BB: 24
SecAvg: .203
Iso: .093
WARP1: 2.3
VORP: 18.7
EqA: .276
FRAA: -1

Rafael Furcal, Atlanta
HR: 3
2B: 7
SB: 21/25
BB: 17
SecAvg: .252
Iso: .099
WARP1: 2.5
VORP: 2.4
EqA: .223
FRAA: 13

Cesar Izturis, Los Angeles
HR: 1
2B: 11
SB: 4/10
BB: 15
SecAvg: .129
Iso: .075
WARP1: 2.8
VORP: 15.4
EqA: .269

Clint Barmes, Colorado
HR: 8
2B: 16
SB: 4/8
BB: 10
SecAvg: .231
Iso: .187
WARP1: 2.5
VORP: 20.0
EqA: .282
FRAA: -2

Based on the numbers, you can make a valid argument for all four of the top five guys not named Nomar. Furcal's offensive numers are unimpressive in a big way, but his fielding is obscene. Izturis is probably the most complete player as far as offense and defense are considered as he puts up respectable numbers in both categories. Barmes and Eckstein are the best of the bunch offensively though both are below average defensively.

Barmes would probably be the easy pick were it not for the Coors Field effect (both real and perceived). By that, I mean that although there is a real effect of playing at Coors, but it is often overstated. For reference, here's his DT Translated line: .311/.351/.498. Those numbers are still worthy of All-Star consideration, even though they're not as gaudy has his .329/.371/.516 line. Fortunately for his All-Star aspirations, he's injured and out for three months. I expect him to surge past Furcal, Eckstein and Izturis and even challenge Nomar despite his injury not being as severe.