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Draft Day

Just a quick reminder... today is the MLB Draft, so here are a few links for your draft-following pleasure: Draft Central Draft Tracker
John Sickles' MLB Draft Coverage

I don't know as much about the draft as I'd like, but I avidly followed the Mock Draft on, and I was quite impressed by the way it turned out. I also learned quite a bit, as I looked up a lot of the players.

As a "stat guy," the two players that intrigued me most were Nick Hundley of the University of Arizona and Michael Hauff of North Carolina A&T. Hauff has a nice K-rate and was probably the best pitcher in the MEAC this year. I haven't heard much about him, so I assume someone will grab him late (or maybe he'll go back for his senior season). I like Hauff b/c of his K/BB and b/c no one on the team is striking anyone out at his rate. But we'll see...

The final mock draft from Baseball America has the Mets taking Mike Pelfrey at 9. I can't be upset with that pick, but they need another hitting prospect these days. That said, Humber hasn't been good so far, but I'm not yet all that worried. Give me another month and I will be.