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Dustin Pedroia

My current favorite minor leaguer in all of baseball was promoted to the Pawtucket Red Sox, Triple-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Dustin Pedroia put up some very impressive numbers in Double-A Portland, and is most likely the best second base prospect left in the minors now that Rickie Weeks has been promoted. Let's compare their numbers to see where Pedroia stands, shall we?

Weeks 2004 AA
AB: 479
HR: 8
2B: 35
3B: 6
SB: 11/23
BB: 55
SO: 107
SecAvg: .261
Iso: .148

Pedroia AA 2005
AB: 256
HR: 8
2B: 19
3B: 2
SB: 7/10
BB: 34
SO: 26
SecAvg: .332
Iso: .184

Pedroia is the same age at Double-A that Weeks was last year. Notice how Pedroia has more XBH (29) than strikeouts. Pedroia was drafted in the second round of the 2004 draft 65th overall out of Arizona State University. His numbers at every level are extremely impressive, so this half season is not an aberration. Take a look:

2004 Arizona State
AB: 244
HR: 8
2B: 24
SB: 9/14
BB: 48

2004 Sarasota
AB: 107
HR: 2
2B: 8
3B: 3
SB: 0/2
BB: 13

2004 Augusta
AB: 50
HR: 1
2B: 5
SB: 2/2
BB: 6

Pretty impressive bout of A-Ball, and he even skipped Lowell (Low-A). The success has continued in his Double-A numbers, so hopefully his Triple-A numbers pick up. Again, let's turn to Rickie Weeks to see how his transition went:

AB: 203
HR: 12
2B: 14
3B: 9
SB: 10/11
BB: 28
SO: 51
SecAvg: .517
Iso: .335

Weeks was on fire in Triple-A, and has held his own at the major league level so far. He still needs his power swing to come to, but when it does he'll be one of the better players in the league most likely. I mention Weeks not because I think Pedroia will be just like him (he could be, with less power though) but because if Pedroia is most definitely #1 now that Weeks is promoted, I like the outlook for the Red Sox infield in the future. To be considered #2 next to Weeks is a pretty big deal I think, and in a secret way I really can't wait for 2006 to start. I love the 2005 team, and the Sox are starting to pick up their pace and make a push for the division for the first time since Baltimore took control, but I'm very excited for the future. If the Sox blow a future full of young homegrown players for me by signing the likes of Mark Kotsay, etc. this offseason, I'm pretty sure you'll never hear the end of it next year.