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Flying V

It was brought up in the comments on my Tejada/Ripken quick hit about what point in Tejada's Iron Man Streak he's at in his career, as it compared to Cal Ripken Jr., so I checked it out for you guys.

Tejada's streak began June 1, 2000, and it currently stands at 825. Tejada is currently 29, so for the sake of comparison, we'll assume he finished out the season (streak wise). This would bring Miguel to 918 at 29.

Ripken Jr's streak began May 30, 1982. I have no way of knowing how many games Ripken played before the streak began, so I'm going to guesstimate and take 40 games off his season total from 1982 (it's not going to matter anyway).

That means in 1982 Ripken Jr. played, and we're guessing here, 120 games (he's 21 at this point). Tejada is currently 29, so we can add on 8 more years, and we get the following.

Ripken, at the end of his 29 year old season, was already 1413 games into his Iron Man Streak, almost a full 500 ahead of Tejada. Ripken also has an MVP and a World Series Ring by this point.

Also, I hope the readers have noticed as the relentless (and interesting, all the questions you have asked have been fun to research) Orioles fans ask us questions, they're getting answered pretty quickly and thoroughly. If you've got your own question, leave it in this thread, and I'll do my best to have it answered by tomorrow morning (since it's summer, and I'm not sleeping at night anyway).