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Birds of a feather

Question on the diaries about Tejada v Ripken, and I'm aware Joe Sheehan did the article, but to our readers who can't see that, a real base comparison.

Ripken Jr (21-29)
WARP3: 91.2 (10.13 per season)
FRAR: 387/9 seasons = 43 FRAR per year (replacement at 33)

Tejada (22-29 [I included his 2005 number because at 8.5 already, he's on pace for a great season, and it's higher than some of his single season WARP3 totals, so he needed the points]) 57.6 (7.2 per season).
FRAR: 199/8 seasons (24.875 per year) which is well below replacement level at 33, although he did have a phenomenal year defensively last year at 47 FRAR.

So in short, Joe Sheehan's right, Ripken is far superior. The numbers I used didn't even include Cal's 1991 MVP season (although it did have his 1983 MVP season).

Did I mention the Iron Man Streak?