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Clemens Trade Rumors

It appears (if your into the rumor mill) that Roger Clemens is asking to be traded to the Texas Rangers. So he wants to win, and win in Texas, and since it is not happening in Houston there is only one logical destination. What would the Rangers rotation look like with Clemens in the fold?

  1. Clemens
  2. Rogers
  3. Drese
  4. Chan Ho Park
  5. Chris Young
Besides having the oldest 1-2 punch in the league, Clemens and Kenny Rogers at the top would be a formidable mix. Roger's currently sports an ERA of 1.65, but I don't see that sticking for good. Here are Rogers' numbers so far:

Kenny Rogers 2005 Texas
ERA: 1.65
DERA: 1.98
K/BB: 30/23 (1.30)
K/9: 3.54
K/PA: 0.097
BB/9: 2.71
HR/9: 0.236
H/9: 7.67
BABIP: .259

The strikeout rate is much too low, the K/BB is too close to 1.00, and his BABIP is extremely low. Kenny Rogers should finish with a fine season under his belt, I just don't see him finishing anywhere near this. A season with a 3.00+ ERA is definitely a possibility though, and more than Rangers fans could have asked for out of him.

Clemens will most likely see some regression to his 2003-2004 numbers if he comes back to the AL. Between coming to such a severe hitter's park as well as transitioning to the supposed tougher AL, Clemens will most likely not be in his 2005 form so far. Then again, he is Roger Clemens, and who am I to say what he can and cannot do. I wouldn't be surprised if he continued his dominance without a hint of slowing down.

Chris Young is a....young...pitcher that I like. He pitched decently enough last year in limited action, posting a 4.71 ERA and a 27/10 K/BB in 36.3 IP. This year is better though:

Chris Young 2005 Texas
ERA: 2.93
DERA: 3.26
RA: 3.39
K/BB: 43/14 (3.07)
K/9: 6.71
K/PA: 0.173
BB/9: 2.16
HR/9: .463
H/9: 9.26
BABIP: .327

This is good to see...with a BABIP of .327 Young is succeeding very well. If the defense starts to scoop up a few more ground balls or reach a few more flys, than Young may improve even more.

Chan Ho Park is putting up a decent enough season (especially considering his past few tries in a Texas uniform) and at the back end of the rotation, that is enough. There is alot of value in 180 league average innings. Ryan Drese on the other hand, he exploded. It looks like the low K rate got to him, and maybe the 207.7 IP had something to do with it as well, solely because his largest workload previous was 70 IP less than that. Drese was never very impressive, but we'll see if he can turn it around.

Now, on your own, imagine this current Rangers team, except with Roger Clemens in the rotation, Mike Sweeney at DH, and Delluci in Hidalgo's spot in the outfield...what was that? I think that was the Division Title calling...did you hear it?