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20 Things I Did Not Expect to See on June 19

I'm back from my trip to Boston, which included a TON of sightseeing and, unfortunately, not much baseball stuff except trying my darndest to avoid the Green Line around Red Sox game times.

So, in honor of the fact that I have some serious catching up to do, here are 20 things that I did not expect to see at this point in the year on Opening Day.

  1. The Washington Nationals leading the NL East, by 3 games in the loss column.
  2. The A's 10 games under .500.
  3. The Yankees 5 back of... the Orioles.
  4. Brian Roberts with a .359/.433/.603 line and a pretty consistent first 2.5 months to boot.
  5. Sub-2 ERAs from Kenny Rogers and Dontrelle Willis.
  6. Adrian Beltre with a .244/.279/.361 line and a VORP of -2.4.
  7. Austin Kearns in AAA.
  8. Nick Johnson healthy.
  9. David Wright leading NL 3rd basemen in VORP.
  10. Victor Martinez hitting .212.
  11. The White Sox with a 7 game lead on the Twins and an 8 game lead on the Indians.
  12. Opponents hitting .302 against Zack Greinke.
  13. Derrek Lee with a shot at winning the Triple Crown.
  14. 11 walks from Carlos Silva and Brad Radke all year.
  15. Two Texas Rangers in the Top-5 in AL ERA.
  16. Scott Podsednik on pace for 83 steals.
  17. Scott Erickson on a major league roster.
  18. Scott Kazmir leading the league in walks (OK, I did expect that). Scott Kazmir leading the league in walks and still with an ERA under 5.
  19. Scott Elarton with 4 consecutive quality starts.
  20. Lance Berkman slugging .354.
Power Rankings will be back for next week... there should be quite a few big changes, especially with the Indians' hot streak and the Nationals remaining in first.