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Rookie Roundup

Alright, thanks to my double-gaffe this morning (first off leaving pitchers off because I was in a rush so as not to be late to work, and second of all listing Joe Mauer who supposedly isn't eligible) I'm reworking this article. So for those of you revisiting it, its different this time. When Clint Barmes was injured a few days back, I wondered how far ahead he was of the other rookies so far due to his performance, and since he was out of the loop, who was essentially in the running (or atleast deserving) of the Rookie of the Year Awards so far. Let's take a look at the top 3 rookies in each league according to VORP:

National League

  1. Clint Barmes SS, COL: 20.5
  2. Ryan Church LF, WAS: 13.6
  3. Jason Ellison CF, SF: 13.4
American League
  1. Gustavo Chacin SP, TOR: 23.8
  2. Chris Young SP, TEX: 22.8
  3. Huston Street CL, OAK: 14.5
  4. Jesse Crain RP, MIN: 14.5
Clint Barmes oddly enough leads the pack in PA even with the injury that should sideline him for the duration. I'm sure the Rookie of the Year Award will not be presented to Barmes now that he is missing time; that would take the loss of a position by a few players in the NL to happen. Jason Ellison is currently starting in centerfield for the Giants, and when Barry Bonds comes back he isn't going to move unless Todd Linden starts to copy his monster stats from Fresno. He is entrenched at his position, especially with the youth movement in San Francisco made public by General Manager Brian Sabean. How about Ryan Church? Thanks to injuries to Termel Sledge Church is most likely assured of a roster spot for the year if he continues to produce. Unless these two players stop producing almost entirely they most likely will pass Barmes. Then again, Barmes line looks impressive enough that I suspect he'll win some votes:

AB: 225
HR: 8
2B: 16
SB: 4/8
BB: 10

We all know I don't care, but some of the BBWAA might: 34 RBI

As far as the American League goes, its all a pitchers race out there (when I remember to include pitchers anyways...ugh). According to VORP, Gustavo Chacin is the best rookie in the AL this year. But according to the things that the BBWAA looks at:

Chris Young: 6-3, 2.78 ERA

...and there is your eventual winner if things keep up in the AL.

Let's check the NL hitters by MLVr to see the differences:

1. Wilson Betemit .316
2. Ryan Church .254
3. Victor Diaz .233
4. Lance Niekro .233
5. Clint Barmes: .165
6. Jason Ellison: .162

Odd that Barmes and Ellison weren't really producing at the same rate as Ryan Church now isn't it, even though they are right around or ahead of Church in total production according to VORP. I know it is because Church has played less, but it will be interesting to see who ends up with the award at the end of the year in the NL.

Check this out so you can see why I thought Mauer was a rookie...I asked Aaron Gleeman, and he said not a rookie, and he would know.