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Jeffrey Hammonds Retires

Jeffrey Hammonds retires, which will be very useful to this site. How does that work you ask? Well, Jeffrey Hammonds is the first player to retire since the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame was instituted earlier this year. So now we get to test for Hammonds to see if he deserves entry into these somewhat-hallowed virtual Halls.

The average JAWS Score of a RLWHF rightfielder is 56.65. Let's check out Hammonds career:

Career WARP3: 25.4
Peak WARP: 14.9
JAWS: 20.15
BRAR: 131
BRAA: 27
FRAA: 14

At some point I'll get Career and Peak WARP into the RLWHF, as well as BRAR, BRAA, and FRAA. Then I can do these RLWHF articles just like the Cooperstown variety I do.

As we can see, Jeffrey Hammonds is not a viable candidate for induction into the RLWHF. If he could have played without injury in his career, he may have actually had a shot.