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Clemens Update

Here's some information that I think should help my Clemens article from the other day, in regards to his place in history among pitchers.

Clemens set the modern day record for career RSAA (Runs Saved Above Average) in his start the other day. And who is he directly in front of?


1    Roger Clemens               671
2    Lefty Grove                 668
3    Walter Johnson              643
4    Greg Maddux                 556
5    Grover C Alexander          524
6    Randy Johnson               512
7    Pedro Martinez              488
8    Christy Mathewson           405
9    Tom Seaver                  404
10   Carl Hubbell                355

Also, Maddux is ahead of Johnson (who probably won't catch him unless he pitches til he's 45ish) and Pedro Martinez is already directly behind Randy Johnson in terms of RSAA even though he is much younger. It will be interesting to see where Martinez ends up on the list if he continues to stay healthy.

Thanks to The Hardball Times for this information.