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Sorry for the lack of a post today, I was unavailable all day long, but I was working on a bigger project as well.

In addition to the Maddux/Pedro/Johnson article coming out Monday or Tuesday, I'm working on wrapping up some loose ends in the Ray Lankford Wing of the Hall of Fame. Most notably is taking the players who are enshrined in BtB's personal little Hall of Very Good who deserve to be in Cooperstown instead. You know, players like Bert Blyleven, Ron Santo, and a few others who may surprise you, like Dewey Evans. Yeah, I said it.

I'll work on that tomorrow and hopefully have a few players done by mid-morning. Once again, sorry for the lack of a new post today, but that is why Dan Scotto (trade coverage article today...what is Sabean thinking?) and Co. are here for. Come back tomorrow, and every other day too now that I think of it.