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Even on my own blog

I don't get no respect. After reading my AL list of the top 5 hitters, the readers of BtB responded with a few gifts and ideas of their own. Some suggested in less words than this I never write again, and some suggested I start wearing a shirt with a bullseye on it, something about high powered rifles- I really wasn't listening. So, in that spirit, my NL hitters list.

1:Barry Bonds*- I'm putting the asterisk, and whoeever wants to can complain about it until they're blue in the face. As a chemist, I believe in absolutes, such as science, but as a statistician, I believe in numbers, and until I see proof of what I believe, I'll only be able to believe Barry cheated, so he's still number 1 on this list, and probably top 5 on any list all time.

The line: .300/.443/.611 703 HRs .355 EQa 211.1 WARP3   He's also 6 steals over 500. 500/500 club. Holy. Crap.

2:Albert Pujols- Must be nice to be 25 and to be considered the second greatest at what you do. It's so hard to believe Pujols has been playing for 5 years, and he's already amassed such amazing numbers. Another year or 2, Pujols takes number 1 on this list, and any other, hands down.

The line: .333/.412/.622 171 HRs (I find the 204  2B even more impressive). .331 EQa 43.3 WARP3
As you look at his WARP3, just remember he's 25.

3:Todd Helton- Ya, I know, he plays in Coors. Ya, I know, he's played there his whole career. But do you know he has one of the highest adjusted EQa's in major league baseball right now? There's no denying Todd's a great hitter, and he always has been.

The line: .336/.431/.611 256 HRs .313 EQa 67.2 WARP3 His career 183 RAR at 1B is just sick.

4:Bobby Abreu- The most underrated susperstar in all of baseball. I will not do him the disservice of leaving him off this list. He's one of the best and most consistent hitters in baseball, and is one of the most fun to watch day in and day out.

The line: .306/.414/.520 178 HRs 306 2B 223 SB (CS 70) .312 EQa 58.7 WARP3

5:Chipper Jones- I'm guessing until this point, that it was pretty hard to argue with the people on my list, and I'm also guessing, this pick just changed that. Now, I love Chipper Jones, he's probably one of my favorite players to watch. It's hard to leave him off this list, especially with the way he's hitting this year. (For the record, in my mind, Chipper just edged out my current favorite player, Florida's Miguel Cabrera, but I went with the proven track record).

The line: .304/.402/.538 317 HRs .309 EQa 67.5 WARP3 (He's also at a 3/1 SB/CS ratio 119/40).

Honorable Mentions

The Young Gun: Miguel Cabrera. As I mentioned, probably a bias pick on my part to be left just off the list, but I love him, and I really feel he deserves to be on it. If this list had a number 6, I'd have a tough time convincing myself he didn't deserve to be there.

The Veteran: Jim Edmonds. He's been doing it so well, at such a steady pace, for so long, he's oft overlooked for his accomplishments. List just wasn't big enough for his great bat, attitude, and glove.

The Brian Giles Award for Unheralded Greatness: Brian Giles. Can you say .318 EQa and a 69.3 WARP3? God Bless you Brian Giles, every one of us!

The Breakout Candidate: Derrek Lee. He's been mauling the ball this year, and he's always hit for pretty good power. Is this the year he finally puts it all together?

That's the list as I see it. Flame away boys and girls. On Monday I'm going to take your comments (vehement flames), suggestions (vehement suggestions), and ideas (vehement disagreements [man, what a trend]), and comprise my top 10 list of hitters in all of baseball. Let the fun begin!