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Up and running

The site is now up and running, and Marc wanted me to post an introduction of some sort... so here it is:

My name is Dan Scotto. I'm a college student, I'm a huge baseball fan, and I like to write, so this seemed like a good opportunity. I started up a blog to start throwing all my baseball thoughts called "Baseball Babble," back on Marc was looking for people to help him out here and he found my blog. I jumped at the opportunity to write here when he told me about it.

I wrote a long piece back on my blog describing exactly how I got into the statistical portion of the game, and it stems back to a project I did back in high school in which I tried to devise a stat to select the MVP. Back then, I had no idea about this field and how far it had progressed. I was quite wrong and I'm happy about that.

I'm a history major and I'm certainly no statistician, but I do keep up with the stats and I know some math. I'd like to teach high school history when I get out of college as a career, and then maybe be a professor someday. But as long as baseball is out there, I'll be following it, whether I'm a teacher, a writer, a student, or anything. After all, why be only one?

That's enough about me. This site will be statistically-focused - we're a "sabermetrics blog" - but I won't personally profess to be an expert. I'm an avid fan who will have some opinions with which you'll agree and many with which you'll disagree. I'll be writing 'em down here, and I look forward to some good discussion!

So I'll repeat Marc's request from the beginning: sign up for the site and come back often!