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Welcome to Beyond the Boxscore!

Hello there readers, my name is Marc Normandin, and I am the operator of a baseball blog a few of you may (or may not know, whatever) titled Baseball Rants. Baseball Rants has become Beyond the Boxscore here on Sportsblog Nation, and it is now a sabermetrics based statistical analysis site. I was moving in that direction with the former site, but with the move my niche has been cemented.

Just to let everyone know a little about my baseball background, I am an avid Rob Neyer, Bill James, and Baseball Prospectus fan. I spend a lot (probably too much) of my day reading sports articles on various websites and blogs and trying to research different players in order to learn as much as I can about everything. I aspire to someday work in the front office of a team, and nothing except poor networking will stop me from this! That and qualifying for a job. Anyways, I plan to post daily, sometimes more than once a day, and my partners will write as often as they can as well. You can expect a large body of work to amass over the course of a week, so there should always be something new to read for all of you out there.

As I stated in the diary on the right side of the page, feel free to ask questions or give me your suggestions whenever you want; I'm all ears, and I want to cater to you, the reader, as often as possible. Make sure everyone who visits and is interested in the site creates an account and makes this site one of the better statistical communities out there!

My partners Dan Scotto and Matt Kizner both produce some great work, so make sure you check out their posts as well as mine. Dan and Matt will both tell you more about themselves in their own postings later on. At some point later on today I may post an actual article from the Baseball Rants archives for you to see so I can get down to work tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting BTB, and come back often!