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A Few Things on a Typical May Night

  • Barry Zito has walked 7 guys through 5+ innings in Oakland. His K/BB on the day is 3/7.
  • The Yankees are up by 5, on the verge of winning their 10th straight.
  • For the Reds, things are going badly- Kaz Matsui gave the Mets a 2-1 lead with a long 2-run homer.
  • Jon Garland picked up his league-leading 8th win for the White Sox, going 7 innings and giving up 2 runs and striking out 4. His K/9 remains at 4.1.
  • Bobby Abreu has homered in 8 of his last 9 games, including another one tonight. He's currently as hot  as a middle-sized star.
  • Ryan Dempster picked up his first save with the Cubs, throwing 8 pitches and striking out one. Granted, it was over the Pirates.
  • The Pirates are another big surprise in the early going - who would have thought that they'd be 17-20 through 37 games?
  • San Diego is now, as of writing, a half game up on the D'Backs and a game and a half up on the Dodgers.
  • Johan Santana had his first bad outing of the year in a Minnesota defeat today: he went 5.1 innings, giving up 9 hits and 7 earned runs. They lost 10-3.
  • After falling behind 8-2 in the second inning to the Royals, the Orioles worked their way back steadily and won 12-8. Well, Jose Lima got shelled early on.
Just what I've heard on Gameday Audio tonight...