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Howdy, I'm the new guy!

Hello all, I'm Dan McAvoy and I'll be writing for the site in the future.  Some of you may have seen me around before as Brickhouse (or Brickhaus), but at the risk of being googled by my next ex-girlfriend who would then immediately discover what a baseball geek I am, I'm using my real name for the first time ever.  

Just for a little background, I'm a member of the small but growing community of Devil Rays diehards, and I do currently run a somewhat sabr-oriented Devil Rays blog called Rays Prognostications .  Here, much to the chagrin of baseball fans everywhere, I'll express my thoughts on the rest of baseball and on the game in general.  Hopefully I can inject a slightly different point of view into some of the conversation, and maybe ever start to develop a new metric or two.  In any case, I hope you enjoy my writing, but if you don't, please, feel free to blast me in the comments section!