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New SB Family Members!

Hello there readers, we have a few new sites to check out here at SB Nation!

Royals Review and Viva El Birdos

Make sure you check them out in your travels around the SB Nation.

Some other news...we are going to be starting a roundtable feature here on Beyond the Boxscore. This will include myself, Dan Scotto and Matt Kizner discussing teams and their performances with bloggers from other sites. For example, I sent out an e-mail to all the SB Nation bloggers, and many of them responded and are willing to represent their respective teams. Some other bloggers from across the internet will also be invited to these roundtables, as well as a few special guests you should all be happy with. The roundtables will not be a witch hunt; we plan on discussing the teams performances as of yet as well as their futures, and I am sure the writers on this site will disagree with each other often.

Thanks for visiting BtB!