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Polanco to LA

The Dodgers need a third basemen now that Jose Valentin has hurt himself and Norihiro Nakamura has been designated for assignment. tells us that Placido Polanco is their first choice.

Polanco has turned himself into a pretty valuable player the past few years (defensive stats for 3B):

2003 (Philadelphia)
HR: 14
SB: 14 (88% success)
2B: 30
Rate: 105
WARP1: 6.5

2004 (Philadelphia)
HR: 17
SB: 7 (64% success)
2B: 21
Rate: 119
WARP1: 6.4

So far this year he is not hitting well, but it is in limited playing time, not to mention he is not happy at all.

The Dodgers could use Polanco in their lineup (2005 VORP scores in parentheses):

  1. Cesar Izturis (12.9)
  2. Hee Seop Choi (10.3)
  3. J.D. Drew (7.3)
  4. Jeff Kent (20.3)
  5. Milton Bradley (12.9)
  6. Jose Valentin (2.7)
  7. Ricky Ledee (7.7)
  8. Jason Phillips (7.3)
Polanco was projected for 24.8 VORP this year by PECOTA, so adding him to the lineup is a must for a team now lacking someone to man the hot corner. Valentin's PECOTA projection stood at 17.2, with a dropoff to 9.9 in 2006, so getting Polanco is important.

Polanco's 75th percentile projection has him at .303/.360/.454, and a 32.8 VORP. That is a number he could reach in his time with the Dodgers if everything goes well, but I'd bank on his weighted mean projection of 24.8 instead.  

With the addition of Polanco to the lineup the Dodgers would be even more of a force, boasting a very strong lineup core, and it would be hard for me to pick anyone else to win the NL West (I already think they can, so this certainly would not hurt).

What exactly would the Phillies get for Polanco though? Most likely prospects to retool their system, especially since they are currently struggling, but who? Leave your thoughts in the comment section on that note.