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Another Managerial Scenario

Congratulations! You've commandeered the body of Jim Tracy, at least for the next few minutes.

It's been a battle of aces tonight, as Brad Penny and Jake Peavy battled long into the night, throwing up 0s through 7 innings. Bochy needs a run because you've got Gagne back at this point (we'll adjust the truth to make it interesting). You need a run b/c they've got Hoffman, Linebrink, Otsuka, etc.

Here's your lineup.

  1. Izturis (SS)
  2. Choi (1B)
  3. Drew (RF)
  4. Kent (2B)
  5. Bradley (CF)
  6. Ledee (LF)
  7. Phillips (C)
  8. Robles (3B)
  9. Penny (P)
Ledee leads off the bottom of the 7th with a bloop single. Phillips ropes a line drive right at Burroughs, and Ledee scampers back to the bag.

Question 1: You've got Repko, Saenz, Grabowski, Mike Edwards, and Paul Bako on the bench. Are you pinch hitting for Robles, the recent call-up?

Question 2: Assume that you didn't pinch hit with the 8 hitter, and Robles came through with a single to right. Ledee makes it to third. Runners at the corners and 1 out. Penny's slot is up. The game's still tied, but Penny's been dominant. He's thrown 92 pitches and given up 2 hits and a walk. Are you pinch hitting? And who are you pinch hitting with?

Those are the first two questions.

Assume that you pinch hit for Penny (this doesn't have to be the case, but for the next part of the scenario, it works) with Saenz and he lined into a double play. You go to Giovanni Carrara in the pen, but you've got Wunsch throwing and Gagne loosening up. Wunsch finished early, so Brazoban is loosening now, also; he'll be ready to go after Klesko's at bat.

So, that Padres lineup:

  1. Roberts (CF)
  2. Loretta (2B)
  3. Klesko (LF)
  4. Nevin (1B)
  5. Giles (RF)
  6. Hernandez (C)
  7. Greene (SS)
  8. Burroughs (3B)
  9. Peavy (P)
Roberts leads off the top of the 8th with a bunt single. Loretta plays some hit and run and squeezes a single between Choi and Kent. Runners at the corners and no one out. The lefty Klesko is up. (Nevin follows. He's a righty. Giles is a lefty as well.)

Question 3: What are you doing with your bullpen here? Does Carrara get a shot to finish this one up? Go to the lefty Wunsch? Bring in Gagne? And where's Brazoban? You going with the lefty/righty matchups here? Or maybe leaving Carrara in?

There's no poll on this one because there are so many different answers.