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Padres Send Disgruntled Eaton to Texas

The Padres and Rangers agreed upon a six-player swap yesterday.

Padres Get: Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez and Terrmel Sledge
Rangers Get: Adam Eaton, Akinori Otsuka and Billy Killian

My first impression is that this is a win for San Diego. They move an unhappy starter with one year left, a 34 year-old reliever and their number four catching prospect while freeing at least $5 million in the process without hurting their starting rotation. In fact, Chris Young (26) was better than Adam Eaton (28) in 2005:

Young pitched more innings, had better K & UBB rates and a lower translated ERA and a higher ERA+.

Otsuka seems to have the potential to be an upgrade, though.

That is, assuming he pitches more like he did in 2004 than he did in 2005. Moving from PetCo to Ameriquest likely won't help. PetCo is the most extreme pitchers' park in the Majors and Ameriquest is the AL's answer to Coors.

Sledge is essentially a fourth outfielder, but is a solid one. He has a career EQA of .266.

Adrian Gonzalez has struggled in his time in the Majors but is only 23 and has hit well in the minors while fielding his position exceptionally. Still, he's a bit of an unknown.

Billy Killian is in A-Ball and was the fourth best catcher in the Padres' system. He strikes me as little more than organizational filler at this point.

Overall, the Padres come out well ahead in this trade. Friar fans should be happy. So should Ranger fans, at least you guys dumped Soriano on the Nats.