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Mota added to Red Sox/Marlins trade

Guillermo Mota was added to the Red Sox and Marlins trade, along with Red Sox prospect Harvey Garcia. Garcia was not even ranked in John Sickels' 2005 Prospect Book (make sure to order his new one as well!), where the lowest ranks are C-'s. He improved his strikeout rate this year while lowering his walk rate, but he is a 21 year old reliever in Single-A.

Mota has gone from coveted in Los Angeles to overrated in Florida to expendable for a Single-A reliever. It has been a fun last few seasons for Mota I am sure.

Mota's problems in his second half of 2004 seemed to center on a high homeruns allowed rate, one that jumped 0.50 from his previous Dodger numbers. He brought that back down to earth in 2005, but his Batting Average on Balls in Play rose .073, raising his hit rate dramatically higher than his previous two seasons. Fenway Park is certainly not going to help his BABIP issue, since over the past three years it has the highest BABIP of all American League parks. He may lower it from this year's levels, although they are league average so I cannot say that with any real confidence. Regression to the mean was most likely Mota's killer, although arm fatigue may have contributed to his hittability in 2005. This makes the deal better, as Mota can help a Boston bullpen whose best parts remain in the minor leagues, excepting young Jonathan Papelbon of course, but I'm not sure if he (meaning Mota) will even last an entire season if those aforementioned younguns' prove ready to face big league bats.