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MVP and Steroids (Two Completely Unrelated Items)

Update [2005-11-15 18:22:19 by Richard B. Wade]:

Viva el Celebration!

Albert Pujols won his first Most Valuable Player Award today. Look for Barry Bonds to lay the smackdown next year and reclaim his personal trophy out of spite.

Congratulations to Pujols on his award. Just know I am absolutely seething with rage at the fact that Brian Giles finished 9th in the voting. I do not have the words to backup my rage at the moment, so I'm just going to leave you with this interpretation. I understand being angry at anything besides the #1 and #2 spots is dumb, but the inability of the writers to see how much an effect Petco had on Giles (or the fact that he was good for such a large portion of their production) is what is really bothering me. This is not the best graph in the world, but it will do for this exercise.

Update [2005-11-15 15:55:22 by Marc Normandin]: There was a graph here, but it was much, much too ugly to remain where it was.

41% of the Equivalent Runs Above Average production among 11 Padres you saw the most by the end of the season came from Brian Giles.

And check out this new steroids policy.

What does everyone think about that?