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Marc's MVP Opinion

Update [2005-11-14 14:4:45 by Marc Normandin]: Alex Rodriguez won the 2005 MVP Award. The voters are 1/3 in the major awards so far.

I'm a Red Sox fan first of all (boo, hiss and all those things) but as a fan of sabermetrics, I think ARod should win. As a fan of weird streaks and such, I want David Ortiz to win. The Red Sox have had an MVP in every decade since Jimmie Foxx won in 1938.

1938 - Jimmie Foxx
1946 - Ted Williams
1949 - Ted Williams
1958 - Jackie Jensen
1967 - Carl Yastrzemski
1975 - Fred Lynn
1978 - Jim Rice
1986 - Roger Clemens
1995 - Mo Vaughn
2005 - David Ortiz(?)

Sabermetrics wins the battle in my mind, so to ensure order I think ARod deserves the trophy. But if he does not get it, I won't fret as much, since an interesting historical streak will survive.

Net Runs Above Average per Games Played gives the award to ARod by a hair.

ARod 2005: 57.96
Ortiz 2005: 55.79

There is a poll included with this post.

I also posted this as a comment at Bronx Banter, but figured I'd put it here as well.


Who should win the AL MVP?

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  • 71%
    Alex Rodriguez
    (5 votes)
  • 28%
    David Ortiz
    (2 votes)
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