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World Series Game Four: White Sox At Astros

After the 14 inning game last night, and the slapping around of Roy Oswalt, Chicago must feel very good about their chances to take down Brandon Backe in Game 4 tonight. Of course, with baseball being a funny game, I expect a 1 hit shutout from Backe tonight, and for Clemens to give up 7 runs in 1 and 2/3 tomorrow. This series simply appears to be in the hands of the Chicago White Sox for good, although we learned from last year's ALCS that 3-0 is not the same as 4-0. The problem being of course, that the Red Sox supposedly were battle-hardened and tired of losing to New York, which helped them win those games. Maybe someone should start a nasty rumor about Houston and blame it on Chicago to inspire the 'Stros to victory. It's all I got people; it is difficult to come up with winning solutions down 3-0. My guess? Houston wins tonight (because its the win we least expect) and drags on the series for another day. Then again, the White Sox have not been allowing this to happen, instead going straight for the kill in this postseason.

Of all the White Sox starters, I'd pick Garcia to be the one to lose, regardless of opponent. Whether Backe can come up big tonight with a well pitched game is also debatable though. There's a chance we can end (fake) curse #2 tonight, leaving baseball with just the one. In my mind, curse equals desperate attempts to win that amount to nothing more than wasted money on names and stupid decisions (see Red Sox 1919 thru 2002; White Sox from 1920 thru 2003; Cubs 1908 thru Ryan Dempster) but still, that time looks to be nearing a close. The Astros still have a chance to spoil it, but they cannot afford to make anymore mistakes in the meantime. Good luck to your respective teams, and enjoy the game!