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Open Thread: World Series Game 3

Crunch time for the Astros, who need a big night from Roy Oswalt to stay alive.

Oswalt v. Garland, at The Park Formerly Known as Enron Field.

If you didn't watch Game 2, well, you missed one of the better World Series games in recent memory, packed in with a grand slam, a two-out rally, another Jose Vizcaino clutch hit in a World Series game (Game 1, 2000), and, of course, a most improbable walk-off homer.

The oddsmakers like the Astros tonight to the tune of a -175 or so. I think that the Astros definitely have the upper hand tonight, but I've been saying that all series.

It's must-see TV if only to sample some crowd noise from Houston, which is finally getting its World Series appearance.

Enjoy the game!