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News Items

Just some quick news items I thought were interesting today.

Terry Pendleton to meet with D-Rays. Pendleton also is seeing interest from the Dodgers. He is not the biggest coaching loss the Braves could have though.

That would be this:Yanks to Speak With Mazzone. It would be interesting to see if Mazzone leaves Atlanta, which seems to have reached its apex for challenges this season, to move to New York and revamp the rotation there.

The Oakland Athletics exercised their option on Jay Payton and released reliever Keichi Yabu. Payton did a good job for the Athletics after his trade.

Nothing amazing, but above league average is very useful. Something the Red Sox could have used to rest their injured outfielders down the stretch. Speaking of that, Trot Nixon had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. Hey, now Trot and I have something in common. Speaking of outfielders the Red Sox could have used...

This player was freely available, and the Red Sox actually had him on their roster in July and August. For about a week. After he went to the LA Dodgers, Jose Cruz Jr. looked healthy and extremely effective. In Boston, Damon hurt his shoulder, limiting this already poor throwing arm as well as his bat to an extent, and Trot Nixon suffered as previously mentioned, in need of surgery. By the way, the Net Runs Above Average figure of 31.80/100 games would have been tops among Red Sox outfielders. One more interesting note, Cruz's season actually had more value to it than Troy Glaus's did. Only by 0.11 NRAA (although Glaus beat out Cruz in NRAA/GP) but still, a difference that is interesting considering their salaries. If Glaus could DH (as in, not play in Arizona) his value would be around 15-17 NRAA per 100 games rather than 7.5 or so. That might be something the Angels wish they had known before they let him go and made Darin Erstad their #5 hitter.