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Great Baseball Weekend

Make sure you watch one of the three races going on: either in Boston, Cleveland, or watching Houston and Philly fight for the NL Wild Card.

Couple things: First off, I'd like the readers to nominate a BtB Player of the Year. A player who fits the mold of the stuff we tout and spout here.

Who is going to win the NL WC and the AL East and WC?

Cover designs would be appreciated for the baseball annual, especially since we are going to use so that we can have real books to go along with the e-books. That at least gives you the option. We'll do our best to keep the real book price down, but the cost of production might throw it out of whack. We're working on making it as cheap as possible while including as much as we can, so bear with us, and I'll have price estimates for you once the book starts to take shape.

Thanks for reading and making this a great regular season everyone! We are almost at the conclusion of our first year together (isn't it swell?) and I hope everyone keeps coming back in the winter after the playoffs to see what we have in store.