Trades & Transactions

Detroit Tigers pick up Joakim Soria v3.0


His second Tommy John surgery firmly in the rear view mirror, Joakim Soria is poised to help the Detroit Tigers through the rest of the season.

The Twins would be fools not to trade Kurt Suzuki


Trading an aging veteran who's trade value is through the roof to acquire maybe one or two more prospects in addition to making room for a young prospect is as simple as 1+1.

Yankees acquire Headley, bet on improved bat


Are the Yankees playing moneyball? Not really. (But kind of.)

Angels bet the farm on Huston Street


The Angels have bet the farm on Huston Street, giving up three of their best prospects for the veteran closer. Was this a wise move?

The Baltimore Orioles should trade for Tulowitzki


The Orioles and Rockies match up for what would be a swap of an established superstar for several top 100 prospects, including some of the best pitching prospects in baseball. Why should the...

Trade deadline landing spots for Jonathan Papelbon


With the Phillies in the cellar and Jonathan Papelbon pitching lights out, teams in need of a reliable closer may be able to snag themselves a reasonably-priced option.

McCarthy to Yankees, Nuno to Diamondbacks


Yankees deal for Brandon McCarthy, while the Diamondbacks are left with Vidal Nuno and a contract.

Cubs trade Samardzija to Athletics


The first big trade of the 2014 trade season went down while you were all eating hot dogs and watching explosions in the sky. The A's are banking on the now while the Cubs continue to build for the...

Angels and Pirates swap failed closers


The Pirates and Angels made a challenge trade, swapping former closers Jason Grilli and Ernesto Frieri. Does the addition / subtraction move the needle for either team?

Head games


We have seen enough of the superstar-changes-teams-only-to-suddenly-struggle model to know that there's something driving it. Could it be age at the time of trade or free agency, or could it...


The Arizona Diamondbacks are wasting their youth


The Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers has traded away a lot of young talent since 2010. The results haven't been pretty.

An early look at some possible trade candidates


Let's take a look at some faces that could play for different teams by the end of 2014.

Trout's extension arrives


Mike Trout, the closet thing we have to a perfect baseball player, has just signed an extension that is both massive and tiny.

The trade: an analysis


Are trades a dying breed, and were they ever as prevalent as commonly thought?

Seattle's right-handed bat options


Robinson Cano says Seattle needs a right-handed bat — let's talk options.

Cards extend Carpenter, keep being the Cardinals


Matt Carpenter was one of the best players in baseball in 2013. If he's a little better than average his new contract is going to look good. If he's anything more, it's going to be incredible.

Player performance in their free agent year


Do players perform better in their free agency walk years? Read and find out.

Craig Kimbrel: How Large A Risk Is New Deal?


There is considerable danger in signing a reliever long term. Did the Atlanta Braves make the right move with Craig Kimbrel?

The O's spend on Jimenez, but will it be enough?


The Orioles fell short of the postseason last year, and their pitching played a big role in that. Can their recent free-agent moves help them improve in that department, and will the boost be...

Teheran, Braves agree to extension


The Braves lock up another young asset to an extension that buys out some free agency time. Is Teheran a good bet to provide value?

The Fairness of the Qualifying Offer System


In the two offseasons since the qualifying offer system was put in place, a handful of players have been greatly impacted -- but that doesn't necessarily mean the consequences of QOs are unfair or...

Five vital positional upgrades for 2014


A list of five vital upgrades that MLB teams made for 2014 after suffering from below-average production at that position in 2013.

A.J. Burnett, Best Pitcher Available


Forget Ubaldo Jimenez or Ervin Santana, A.J. Burnett is the best pitcher–and player-still available on the free-agent market.

Rays sign Grant Balfour, fill out bullpen


Is Grant Balfour a great value for Tampa Bay, or is he just another "proven closer" about to entire the decline phase of his career?

Matt Garza, Brewers ink deal


Free agent righty Matt Garza signs a four year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers worth $52 million

How valuable is Mark Reynolds to the Brewers?


Mark Reynolds may not be an All Star, but he's certainly good enough to be a major improvement over what the Brewers had at first base last season.

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