The Smallest Sample Size

The Smallest Sample Size 8/25/13: Wells Run Dry

Early this morning, Casper Wells took the mound for his second relief appearance of the year. Casper Wells is not a pitcher. Throughout Arizona and Philadelphia's 18 inning affair, there was plenty of weird baseball to go around.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/21: Enter Xander

From a career milestone for a top second baseman to a debut from one of the game's best prospects, yesterday's games had a bit of everything. We cover it all in the morning's smallest sample size!

The Smallest Sample Size 8/20/13: Blowout Bonanza

Three games were decided by seven or more runs last night. While two teams of offensive juggernauts lit up their respective opponents, one surprising team erupted for five homers.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/19: Errors Everywhere!

There were more than a handful errors throughout Sunday's games and one blazing hot team had their win streak snapped because of a pair of inconvenient errors on routine groundballs in the ninth inning.

TSSS 08/15/13: Pinch-hitting success!

Don't expect the St. Louis Cardinals to give up any time soon, the Kansas City Royals are fading, and players pinch-hitting with success.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/14: Multi-homer madness

Paul Goldschmidt carried Arizona to a win last night with an incredibly clutch pair of homers but there were a couple other batters who also had multi-homer games. Recap last night's games through a win probability scope!

The Smallest Sample Size 8/13: Darvish dominates

Yu Darvish keeps topping himself. This time striking out 15 Astros while flirting with a no-hitter up until the eighth inning. Meanwhile, Mat Latos, Hiroki Kuroda, Cole Hamels and more were also able to pitch eight or more innings of dominant ball.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/12/13: Giant meltdown

Many teams fell apart in epic fashion last night while Felix Hernandez and Clayton Kershaw added excellent outings to their case for the American and National League Cy Young awards.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/11: Hidden Ball Trick!

Bring you recaps of all the action from last night.

TSSS 08/08: Bruce Chen dominates you!

There are plenty of interesting happenings across baseball. Big Time Timmy Jim could be back to his old self. The Pittsburgh Pirates are baseball's best, and Bruce Chen proves that ain't nobody got time for the Boston Red Sox.


TSSS 8/7/13: AL MVP Explosion

Chris Davis blasted another home run, two games finished in dramatic fashion in extra innings, and two other games were decided in the ninth inning.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/7/13: Lucrative Lagares

Juan Lagares had himself a game last night and the Mets were able to ride his coattails and secure a win. We really need to talk about the Braves and Tigers. Can anyone stop them? Also, another day, another bullpen implosion in Anaheim.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/6/13: Upton re-rmerges

It doesn't look like anyone can stop the Braves right now as Justin Upton has reawakened. Chris Perez melted down during a very important interdivisional matchup last night. And one team shocked fans everywhere and shut out a league-best offense.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/5/13

A.J. Burnett's complete game last night was just another cherry on top of an incredible year for the veteran. Pittsburgh is holding onto first in the NL Central but the St. Louis offense is apparently seeing nothing but beachballs at the plate.

TSSS 08/03/13: Low scores across the board

In last night's games, Jake Peavy made his Boston debut, Manny Machado hit a couple of milestones, and David Price gets back to being David Price. We cover all of that and more as we recap the action from Saturday night.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/2/2013: 1% is enough

We were able to enjoy a true pitching duel between Matt Cain and Cole Hamels, the St. Louis Cardinals got their revenge, and a team with a one percent chance to win their game in the bottom of the ninth actually won.

The Smallest Sample Size 8/1/13: Exciting action!

We were treated to some truly amazing games yesterday and I get to recap them all for you in today's "The Smallest Sample Size."

The Smallest Sample Size 07/31/13: DH Dominance

Two doubleheaders within the same division showcased two match-ups of teams on opposite sides of the spectrum. Take a look at yesterday's baseball through a leverage and win probability scope!

The Smallest Sample Size 07/30/13: Walk-Off Mania

David Price stifled the Red Sox for the second time in five days and Jason Giambi is still playing baseball and smashing dingers somehow. Four of the nine games on Monday were decided by a walk-off hit. Recount yesterday's game with pLI and WPA!

The Smallest Sample Size 07/29/13: Puig-Out

Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter led the Yankees to a come-from-behind win. Nick Franklin put Seattle on his back. And everyone's favorite rookie capitalized an incredible comeback for the Dodgers. Recap Sunday's games with leverage index and WPA.

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