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BBTF: King Kaufman: In defense of replacement-level players?

A good discussion about replacement level going on over at Baseball Think Factory.

Zack Greinke and the 11 Greatest Seasons Since Pedro's 1999

Zack looked like he was going to "make history" back in May. You know, the history books that cite pitcher WAR. So, I checked it out using my usual tricks that are actually borrowed from other people: Colin Wyers' BsR-FIP (why isn't this used more?), PythagenPat, etc. to see how he stacked up, and in the meantime, I rank a number of other great seasons. And, yes, this includes some stuff from before the "FanGraphs Era" (2002-).

Reds WAR Position Review: Catchers

I am mirroring my WAR position review series here at BtB with one specific to the Reds. Fun so far!

Fangraphs Team Win Values

Sandy Kazmir compiled the WAR values for pitchers and position players by team from Fangraphs and did some nice analysis. Not a bad way to do power rankings. Link contains two more full tables, sorting by the last two columns, plus a breakdown of AL East rankings by category. Rk Team Pr Ch FA Val Pitch PosPlayer 1 Rays 2 1 $145.30 $41.60 $103.70 2 Red Sox 5 3 $125.40 $68.40 $57.00 3 Yankees 12 9 $118.70 $33.10 $85.60 4 Dodgers 4 0 $110.40 $44.60 $65.80 5 Angels 15 10 $106.60 $36.50 $70.10 6 Blue Jays 1 -5 $106.60 $50.20 $56.40 7 Tigers 11 4 $96.80 $44.20 $52.60 8 Rangers 6 -2 $95.50 $37.10 $58.40 9 White Sox 25 16 $95.50 $57.20 $38.30 10 Rockies 17 7 $94.00 $58.40 $35.60 11 Twins 14 3 $92.90 $43.10 $49.80 12 Giants 29 17 $92.30 $58.00 $34.30 13 Mariners 16 3 $91.00 $44.00 $47.00 14 Cardinals 8 -6 $88.30 $42.50 $45.80 15 Diamondbacks 20 5 $88.20 $50.20 $38.00 16 Braves 9 -7 $85.40 $56.50 $28.90 17 Phillies 26 9 $84.40 $12.30 $72.10 18 Brewers 7 -11 $80.90 $16.60 $64.30 19 Indians 18 -1 $78.40 $26.60 $51.80 20 Royals 3 -17 $73.10 $53.90 $19.20 21 Marlins 22 1 $72.60 $34.60 $38.00 22 Pirates 27 5 $72.10 $18.80 $53.30 23 Athletics 30 7 $65.60 $45.20 $20.40 24 Cubs 21 -3 $61.20 $36.20 $25.00 25 Orioles 28 3 $61.00 $28.60 $32.40 26 Astros 24 -2 $60.70 $24.00 $36.70 27 Mets 10 -17 $55.50 $25.10 $30.40 28 Reds 13 -15 $55.20 $22.00 $33.20 29 Nationals 23 -6 $52.80 $14.10 $38.70 30 Padres 19 -11 $33.20 $9.90 $23.30 Average $84.65 $37.78 $46. 87

Celebrating Adequacy: The 11 Average-est Position Players at the Moment

Just more fun with the FanGraphs WAR leaderboards... Who is the most average player in big leagues? Who comes close? Don't contain your excitement any longer, click that link!

Rangers WAR Lords: Second Base

Following an idea displayed at a couple other blogs, I'm doing a series of the best players by position in Rangers history using Sean Smith's WAR. This time it's second base, which is actually pretty sad. I really only link to it because 1) there probably won't be another update for a while and 2) it's a slow night on the baseball blogosphere. You can find links to 1B and C in there, too.

2009 AL Team Positional Splits Sorted by WAR Through May 5th

Replacement Level put together some pretty spiffy charts including fielding, RAR, WAR and slash stats for every AL team through May 5th. It's just the AL (anyone feel like doing the NL?), it's got a Yankees slant, and the fielding is just Zone Rating, but it's still cool work that someone else did for you so that you don't have to. Your all American League roster by team: C - Indians (0.8) 1B - Red Sox (1.3) 2B - Royals (0.9) 3B - Rays (1.3) SS - Blue Jays (1.4) LF - Rays (1.0) CF - Royals/Twins (0.8) RF - Orioles/Rangers (0.7) DH - Blue Jays (0.7) I'm interested in doing the same thing with FanGraphs WAR. Partly because some of those just don't seem right. The slash stats are neat to look at, though.

Historical Pitching WAR Now at Baseball Projection

I like getting presents for no reason whatsoever when I settle down after a busy weekend! Sean Smith has improved his awesome WAR database at baseballprojection.com with pitching WAR in the Retro Sheet era. So, that's pretty cool. Want to know what Greg Maddux was worth over his career in a way you can compare to position players? Just head to the pitching WAR index right here. Also available in Top 300 form. Erik already used this to compare non-Hall of Famer Bert Blyeven to Hall of Famers Don Sutton and Nolan Ryan below. It's not the most sortable of databases, it's only back to 1953, there may be better ways to do things that someone will come along and present, and I'm personally not entirely clear on the methodology, but it's still really nifty to see. I also love that it's apparently adjusted for "pitchers' opponents," something that I think should be a major part of analyzing a pitcher's performance. Anyway, have fun. Talk about what stands out to you.

TBA: WAR and the 1974 MVP Race

John Walsh has a nice piece on how awesome Sean Smith's WAR is, and uses it to look at the 1974 MVP race. Even before the existence of WAR, I've known it was one of the more questionable pairs of selections in history. Which, being a Rangers fan, is rather unfortunate. . .

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