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The Best Team in Baseball in 2009 (WAR Spreadsheet)


I'm aggressively trying to fix my sleep cycle, and that means staying up all night. Anyway, I made a WAR spreadsheet using the best player at every position in 2009 per PECOTA. I used PECOTA for PA, filling in the extra spots (I never went over projected PA) with the second best player at the position. PECOTA also used for EqOBP, EqSLG and EqBRR. CHONE used for defense. Relievers are anyone projected to get 20%+ time relieving. This is just for fun, nothing serious. The team is at the 153 win talent level with a 100% chance at winning more than 101 games. And they're worth 482 million dollars. Course, who knows how much they'd destroy beyond that just for having watered down the league. Roster: C - Matt Wieters (Joe Mauer) 1B - Albert Pujols (Lance Berkman) 2B - Chase Utley (Kelly Johnson) 3B - David Wright (Chipper Jones) SS - Hanley Ramirez (Jose Reyes) LF - Ryan Braun (Nate McLouth) CF - Carlos Beltran (Nate McLouth) RF - Grady Sizemore (Nate McLouth) SP1 - Brandon Webb SP2 - C.C. Sabathia SP3 - Johan Santana SP4 - Tim Lincecum SP5 - Dan Haren CL - Mariano Rivera SU - Francisco Rodriguez LOOGY - Joe Nathan MR - Jonathan Papelbon MR - Joakim Soria MR - Jonath Broxton

Saber-Friendly Blogging 101: Post-dicting 2008


This idea comes from Doghouse over at Federal Baseball and it's really quite simple if you buy into Wins Above Replacement.  Basically, the idea is to plug 2008 data for your favorite team into the...

Community Projections Best Practices


So with almost 75% of the teams now having leaders for our Community Projections Project, I thought it would be smart to let everyone share their experiences so far.  This thread is for sharing...

Community WAR Project 2009


Here's a chance for us internet know-it-alls to put our knowledge to the test.   Using the easy-to-use WAR spreadsheet (good instructions for rookies can be found via that link, too), we're going...

WAR Spreadsheet Version 1.0


I've made some changes to the WAR spreadsheet in the hopes of making it more accurate and easier to use. Download it by clicking here. Changes since the beta: The option of using OBP and SLG...


Post Links To Your WAR Spreadsheets Here

There will be a community project eventually, but for now, feel free to link to your WAR spreadsheet or its related blog post in the comments below.  Make sure to note your website and team. If a...

Help Me Hash Out WAR Spreadsheet Details


I'm hoping I can get some input from smart readers and bloggers who have played around with the WAR spreadsheet: Offensive outs targets.  Assuming that a team's wOBA is their OBP (a mediocre...

User-Friendly WAR Spreadsheet (beta)


I've had this WAR spreadsheet sitting around for a couple weeks now, just waiting for the perfect time to present it along with detailed instructions, zero kinks, and some community collaboration. ...

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