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Is There Any Hope For Luis Castillo's Defense?


Luis Castillo has been a poor fielder in recent years. Is there any hope of an improvement?

Project Jason Bay's Defense


Project Jason Bay's Defense

Depleted Mets Outfield Combines To Form Rosie From The Jetsons


Without Carlos Beltran, which alignment of outfielders makes most sense for the Mets?

Rally: Balls in Play by Count


Sean Smith breaks down how often players reach base by pitch count (or, less specifically, neutral, pitcher or hitters' counts). He intends on using this to improve TotalZone, which I think is pretty cool. I have no witty remarks or anything, so I hope you're not reading for my commentary. Click the link.

The Nationals Get One Right: The Ryan Zimmerman Deal


How good or bad is Ryan Zimmerman's 5-year, $45 million dollar deal with the Nationals?

Choose your own projection


I did a little Fanpost at Royals Review... I originally was just going to do a generic WAR projection for the position pl ayers, averaging CHONE, PECTOA, and ZiPS, but then I came up with the idea do break it down into components by projection system so that people could "choose their own projection." Kind of a funny take referencing the old "choose your own adventure" books from my childhood or whatever. I thought it was a fun idea, anyway, to get people to understand how intuitive the notion of WAR really is, as well as letting them pick each projection they think is better, or to leave out parts they don't like (say, if they hate defensive stats). Would have been better with multiple choices for defensive projections or baserunning, of course, but given that I had to do the baserunning myself, I feel okay about it. I'm not an "official" Royals blogger or anything, but I thought this was sort of an entertaining twist on the usual projections post that other people might get a kick out of and maybe run with.

TotalZone on First Base Prospects


Looking at Sean Smith's TotalZone fielding metric and applying it to the top first base prospects in baseball

And away we go...


Last minute thoughts on the upcoming 2009 MLB season, with a look around the blogosphere and what future work holds in store...

TotalZone on Corner Outfield Prospects


Comparing the fielding of top corner outfielder prospects in the minors with the help of Sean Smith's Total Zone statistic

Total Zone on CF prospects


Shameless, self-promoting spam! Colby and Jay are both plus defenders in the OF.

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