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A UZR-less 2012


Eschew defensive statistics for your amateur scouting eyes this season.

Technology In Horse Racing: Part III - Statistics And Data


Part III of a look at technology and horse racing, featuring a discussion of the role of statistics and data in handicapping and the closed nature of horse racing information.

Baseball ProGUESTus: Answers from a Sabermetrician, Part 2


Tom Tango answers questions at BP. Here's a snippet: 1) What sabermetric advancement do you think is the least-appreciated by a majority of franchises? 2) I like to flatter myself that I'm an 'early adopter' to the sabermetric perspective on the game, even though it's been so many years since its introduction and uptake by those like yourself. Is sabermetrics already 'mainstream' in your mind, or how long do you think it will be til it is? 3) What was / will be the tipping point to #2? 1. Regression toward the mean. 2. Sabermetrics will always be on the leading edge. There's no need for it to be in the mainstream. If the mainstream wants to adopt, they know where to find us. If they want to ignore us, they can. We're there to make sure they don't misuse numbers, that's all. 3. I hope it never happens, actually. You look over to your left and right to make sure that whoever wants to be part of the movement has the tools and knowledge to join in. There's no sense in looking over your shoulder to make sure everyone comes along. They aren't in a burning building they are trying to escape. They are on the beach, and they can decide if they want to come surfing with us or not. But I don't need them to tell me that I'm drowning people with numbers. We're giving out surfboards, and they can decide if they want one. And then we'll be happy to make sure they don't drown.

Mets wOBA By Position


A look at how the Mets are producing offensively at each position.

When Do 10 Runs Not Equal a Win? Baseball Databank Data Dump 2.2


It's standard in baseball analysis to say that 10 marginal runs typically converts to one win. But that hasn't always been the case, and given the drop in scoring in 2010, is it still?

Custom wOBA and Linear Weights Through 2010: Baseball Databank Data Dump 2.1


In response to overwhelming demand (ahem), here are are customized weights from 1871-2010 for calculating hitter value with linear weights.

A Simple Lesson For Understanding Hitting Value


Tom Tango spells out a sabermetric lesson in very simple math terms. If you can understand this then you can understand the concept behind why baseball geeks will want to use stats like wOBA to measure hitting instead of Avg, OBP or OPS.

Baseball Databank Data Dump, I: FIP Constants and Runs Per Win


Do you want quick access to FIP customized to each season? Or Runs to Wins conversion, or even a way to calculate these yourself? Check it out.

Royals Communnity Playing Time Forecasts


Not sure if this link has been posted here or not, but either way, Tom Tango, who has done so much for the serious baseball fan community on the internet, wants your help projecting playing time for every MLB team. This is separate from the FanGraphs Fan Projections, this is just playing time. Please go fill this out -- it took me less than 5 minutes.

Marcel's Retirees, Part One: Position Players


A look at retired players who still have a Marcel projection.

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