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Rule 5 Draft Day - Winter Meetings Day 4


I am pretty sure that the Toronto Blue Jays will not be picking any players on the Rule 5 Draft (officially named the "Annual Selection of Players" in the Major League Rules) tomorrow. Why? First,...

Trades, Free Agents, and Rule 5 Selections in Franchise History


The Blue Jays have made 13 trades so far in 2011, the most in franchise history for any calendar year. How have the annual number of trades and free agent signings changed since 1976?

The Rays Must Add Jeremy Hellickson and Desmond Jennings to 40-Man Roster by Early December


H/T to Brickhaus for the idea. For those unaware, the Rule 5 draft is basically MLB's way of preventing talent hoarding, here are the rules associated with eligiblity: After 4 or 5 years as a...

Angels could bring back O'Day


The Mets have DFA'd reliever Darren O'Day, and thus he must be offered back to the Angels. He's a steal at $25k and could help out our pen in its time of need.

Skelton Remains with Arizona


Minor league catcher James Skelton will remain in the Arizona Diamondbacks system, after the team worked out a trade with the Detroit Tigers. Detroit receives pitcher Brooks Brown in return.

Meet Derek Rodriguez


The Rays Rule 5 pick. A 25-year-old starter-turned-reliever, Rodriguez was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in the 14th round of the 2005 amateur draft. In 2008, the White Sox decided to...

Regarding Donald Veal


Marc Hulet did an excellent job at Baseball Analysts covering the tantalizing Rule 5 pitching options. One I want to cover today is Cubs lefty Donald Veal. If memory serves right, it wasn't too...

And The Wizard Rejoices: Hernandez is back


The White Sox re-acquired reliever Fernando Hernandez from Oakland for $25,000.

Fernando Hernandez DFA'd


The A's kept Rule-5 draftee Jay Marshall all last year, but this year's Rule-5 pick, reliever Fernando Hernandez, didn't last the first month. Hernandez had two rough outings on this trip, including allowing four runs at Cleveland on Sunday, and with the A's needing more depth in the bullpen, the right-hander was designated for assignment today and right-hander Kirk Saarloos was called up. Saarloos, a former 10-game winner for the A's and a clubhouse favorite, will be the long man for now. Hernandez must go through waivers and if he clears, he must be offered back to the White Sox, and they can take him back for $25,000 if they choose. A's assistant GM David Forst said if Hernandez clears waivers, Oakland will have some talks with the White Sox, which means the team might be open to swinging a deal with Chicago to keep Hernandez.

Could we get Francisco Hernandez back from the A's? Bye-bye, Dan Johnson?:...

Could we get Francisco Hernandez back from the A's? Bye-bye, Dan Johnson?: Tuesday night was very possibly Dan Johnson's last in an A's uniform. The team must make room on both the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster for tonight's starter, Greg Smith, and Johnson appears to be the most expendable. He has only one at-bat this season, and the A's have Barton at first base and Mike Sweeney and Jack Cust available to DH. Johnson is out of options and there's a good chance he would be claimed on waivers (the Giants are among those in the market for a first baseman). The A's can send him down only if he clears waivers, a process that takes three business days. "Obviously, all I'm doing is sitting here waiting to see which way it goes," Johnson said. "There's really nothing I can say. If it happens, it happens. I'm a big boy, I'll keep going. ... I still think you haven't seen the best of me yet." Should the A's decide not to risk losing Johnson, another option would be to send Rule-5 draftee Fernando Hernandez (who has yet to pitch) back to the White Sox. There's a remote possibility they could place Rich Harden on the disabled list if it doesn't appear his back soreness has improved, but they'd still need to make a move to get Smith onto the 40-man roster. In that case, they might consider putting third baseman Eric Chavez onto the 60-day DL. Buck 0-fer finally over as he joins hit parade
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