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Are teams rebuilding fairly?


Are teams in repair abusing the current system, and thus hurting their fan base and angering big market teams that spend their money? One baseball pundit thinks so.

TT 01/23: In Which LSU is Creepy

Today's tidbits cover recruiting corvettes, receivers, and beer.

Thursday Thought Piece: Realignment Revenue Sharing


What to do about potentially uneven conferences. Go Economics!


Puck Daddy Asks: "Do NHL Players, Alumni Deserve Larger Slice of Winter Classic Revenue?"

How does a potential shift in the distribution of revenues from the Winter Classic affect the NHL's southern teams, who have been shut out of the event so far?

Rumor of Robust Revenue Sharing Is Good News For Bucks Fans


NBA Lockout Update: More Robust Revenue Sharing System A Done Deal?

Tim Donahue on the NBA collective bargaining agreement.

The CBA: My Last, Best Offer by Tim Donahue A few days ago, David Aldridge published his ideas to avert the work stoppage. While the NBA Blogosphere and Twitterverse were both very receptive to Mr. Aldridge’s ideas, I was not. The unfortunate few who follow me on Twitter (@toothpicksray) saw my criticisms. These primarily centered around the $20 million exception and the bi-annual amnesty clause. Though I still would not like to see his proposals implemented, my complaints were unfair in two aspects. First, I did not give sufficient weight to his 50/50 BRI split. Second, I committed the sin of attacking someone’s ideas without offering alternatives of my own. What follows are my alternatives for a 10-year CBA. http://www.eightpointsnineseconds.com/2011/06/the-cba-my-last-best-offer/

Bits: And Some Thoughts On The Future


Bits: And Some Thoughts On The Future #isles

The problem with revenue sharing in the NBA


NBA Franchises, Revenue Sharing, and What the League Could Learn From the U.S. Housing Collapse

Revenue-Sharing in Major League Baseball Totals $404 Million for 2010 | Biz Of Baseball


That's down from $433 million in revenue sharing in 2009. Both figures are mind-boggling. Nearly a half-billion dollars changes hands annually from baseball's haves to its have-nots, which is enough to run the Yankees (or, now, the Red Sox) for two full seasons.

North/South divisions nonstarter according to one Pac-10 AD


A Pac-10 athletic director says the current rumored North & South divisional splits that put the California and Arizona schools in the same division is a nonstarter.

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