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32 Predictions 2009 Contest Results


Congratulations to Mike Fast, who beat out 73 other entrants in the 2009 32 Predictions contest.  Mike totaled 22 points, just ahead of KakesForROY's and joof's 21 points.  As promised, Mike,...

Help BtB Win The SBN Twitter Contest (Please RT)


Follow @BtB_Sky to help Beyond the Box Score win the SBN Twitter 5k contest. With prizes!

Reader Contest: 32 Predictions


Beyond the Box Score announces a simple-yet-difficult reader contest. Just pick Choice A or Choice B...

Don't Forget Our Two Contests


The "Be A Member" contest ends tonight.  Click through for the details, but make sure you're a member, have an avatar, have a valid email address listed, and have made at least one comment in the...

BtB March Madness Pool


To join fellow BtBers in some bracketology brain-busting, click here.  In addition to bragging rights, we're giving away a prize to the winner: a $15 gift certificate to What If Sports, good for...

Win $400 in Vegas Watch's Team Win Totals Contest


Each person will once again take the over or under on 10 teams, but this time they can be whichever teams you want (although obviously not the same one twice). To complicate things, you'll need to assign a confidence rating to each of your picks, ranging from 10 (most confident) to 1 (least). Here are the totals: Arizona- 86.5 Atlanta- 83.5 Baltimore- 73.5 Boston- 94.5 Chicago C- 91.5 Chicago W- 79.5 Cincinnati- 80.5 Cleveland- 85.5 Colorado- 77.5 Detroit- 82.5 Florida- 76.5 Houston- 74.5 Kansas City- 75.5 LA Angels- 89.5 LA Dodgers- 82.5 Milwaukee- 80.5 Minnesota- 83.5 NY Mets- 88.5 NY Yankees- 97.5 Oakland- 81.5 Philadelphia- 87.5 Pittsburgh- 69.5 San Diego- 71.5 San Francisco- 80.5 Seattle- 72.5 St. Louis- 82.5 Tampa Bay- 87.5 Texas- 73.5 Toronto- 80.5 Washington- 71.5 The tiebreaker -- hopefully more successful than previous attempts -- will be Cliff Lee's ERA. Please include a tiebreaker with your submission, it's really not that hard. Once you've figured out what teams you're taking, and your tiebreaker, send your entry to vegaswatch@gmail.com. Give me some kind of name, or initals, so I can identify you when I post standings. There will be a monthly post updating how everyone is projected to do. So a sample entry would look like this: Entry name: Fat Shortstop 10. Cleveland O85.5 9. NY Yankees U97.5 8. LA Angels U89.5 7. Tampa Bay O86.5 6. Chicago WS U79.5 5. Minnesota U83.5 4. Colorado O77.5 3. San Diego O71.5 2. Seattle O71.5 1. Toronto U80.5 Tiebreaker: 1.12 Hopefully this is obvious, but this guy would receive 10 points if the Indians win 86 or more games, nine points if the Yankees win 97 or fewer, and so on. The winner of the contest will receive $400. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments.

Easy Reader Contest: Be A BtB Member


Here's a contest everybody can participate in without much effort.  To enter, all you need to do is be a member of Beyond the Box Score with at least one comment and an avatar by Wednesday, March...

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