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Pitch f/x: Roy Halladay's Fastballs


A Dave Allen-esque look at Roy Halladay's fastball and cutter locations.

Saberizing a Mac #4: Pitch f/x Database


A few weeks ago, vivaelpujols posted an article with the goal of getting a Pitch f/x database set up on a Mac. Since then, there have been over 150 comments added to the discussion and it appears we're pretty close to succeeding. A big thanks goes to Mike Fast, who's solved and defined a lot of the problems, but a number of newbies have been slaving away with testing, too. Anyways, if you know anything about scripts, databases, or Macs, we could use your help. And if you're looking to try your hand at pitch f/x, the entire thread is worth a read, as a growing resource.

Lazy Pitch f/x


Here is the first part. Hope you can decipher it. [Sky's note: If you want to be able to download pitch f/x data across multiple games for one specific player, RPL explains how. Comes in handy for those of us who aren't quite ready to dive head first into this.]

Is Scott Kazmir Returning To Form? - DRaysBay


This is a great use of pitch f/x to help understand a unique pitcher. There are only two graphs and they're simple. We're not overloaded with data, just the data that ends up being important and it's presented in a way where we can draw obvious conclusions. The article almost reads like a scouting report, because, well, that's actually what it is. But instead of using his eyes, RJ uses the data. Robot eyes, perhaps? Now, at the end, we're left wanting more information -- more splits, more breakdowns, more analysis. That's ok, though. The sign of a great article is when you want more. It's a blog, there's going to be more.

Brian Bannister Talks Pitch F/X


At the link provided, scroll down to additional programming and click on Brian Bannister. Says he doesn't watch film or study scouting reports anymore. Very interesting to hear a player talk about it.

Pitch F/x: Clayton Mortensen


A look at Clayton Mortensen (part of the Holliday trade) in Pitch F/x. He only has 3 big league innings, but it's nice to take a look at the break of his pitches.

Pitch F/x: David Price's Slider


The Rays party gives some detail into David Price's slider this year.

Pitch F/x - Mazzaro Debuts


Over at Baseball Daily Digest, I look at Vin Mazzaro's movement from his debut with the A's. This is my first attempt at classifying my own pitches, using Harry's tips and my own thoughts. Thanks to Erik for giving me a quick scouting report on twitter, so I could make sure my pitches looked right.

Pitch F/x: Dontrelle's Debut


A look at Dontrelle Willis's season debut agianst the Twins

New at Fangraphs: PitchFx Game Charts


As one commenter said "If you guys keep this up you're going to destroy baseball on the internet. There’s no point going anywhere else for ANYTHING. You're like the Walmart of baseball info." Walmart with cool graphs and no scary people. Awesomeness.

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